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History of Blue Row Cottages, Swerford

This small row of cottages is sited on the east side of the church in the small village of Swerford, in North Oxfordshire. Blue Row was named for its original roof of blue slates, replaced with tiles in the 20th century.  The row of originally 4 cottages was built in 1806 right next to the Church and the Norman Motte and Bailey.  John Powell, the mason, who built Blue Row, and did much of the local restoration, may have owned the plot of land in 1802. (He's buried in the churchyard next door.) This web site provides all the information we have to date on the people who lived in Blue Row, the history of the cottages, and their context in the village. We've included pictures and maps, in the Gallery. We've also tried to give context, in Time lines. Finally, we've provided some links for further information. If you have more information, or corrections, memories to add, or pictures, or you would just like to let us know what you think of the Blue Row History web site, please contact us.

As we've mentioned, Blue Row Cottages were built in 1806. The present day residents couldn't let a 200-year birthday go unmarked. So out came the jubilee flags. Present and past residents, other villagers, and some friends of Blue Row, gathered in the cottage gardens to celebrate this event in May 2006, in typical village fashion: tea and home-made cakes. (And, of course, champagne!)

Click to enlarge the composite picture of this enjoyable occasion.

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